Twin Soul Architecture


Ancient Origins

The symbolisms of Osiris and Isis are manifest throughout Michael Jackson´s work over the years and different albums. The original love story of the founding lovers of Ancient Egypt was part of a universal cosmoconception that prescribed a living twin flame architecture – both masculine and feminine – to the individual, the earth and the heavens above.

Back in ancient Egypt, when Osiris was murdered by jealous Set who wanted his Throne and to basically take his place in Life and “replace” Osiris, Twin Flame IsIs went to search for her dead husband all over Egypt. It is a very famous ancient tale of Twin Souls and literally the first recorded Twin Flame Interference Story on this Planet. Jealousy to this degree is very destructive, and especially the attack on Osiris and IsIs caused a huge disruption in the energy field of this Planet, a long time ago.

The strings between Twin Flames, within the ONE SOUL, are held together by God. Reunited, merging Twin Souls can release a very strong energy which can change the course of the Planet, and Mass Consciousness. Same like the disruption happened through an attack on a Twin Soul Couple, this couple can reverse the effects by expanding the healing light within the soul like a flame of love, a major love ray, onto the whole Planetary Body. So, this time around, the Mission beyond the Reincarnation of Osiris and IsIs, as Michael Jackson and Susan Elsa, is to remember, overcome, heal and apply the knowledge, the love magic onto the “Planet´s Body” instead of only “Osiris body”.

This Mission was officially started with a Channeling of these Twin Soul Energies in Egypt, back in November 2010 at original Temples, merging past and present energies and consciousness of the people. The channeled energy was captured and recorded into Songs and released under the title “I REMEMBER” as a inner soul dialogue with Michael Jackson´s REMEMBER THE TIME. A sign of readiness.

Modern Incarnations

The ancient world was remembered in the renaissance as a matter of mythology and revelation. It is clear that the prophecies of Nostradamus regarding Archangel Michael’s Twin Soul were also a premonition of the return of Osiris and Isis to the Planet. These factors were realized in Michael Jackson’s fascination with planetary consciousness.

Michael Jackson re-experienced many similar conditions of Osiris in his lifetime – including an early death – but he was also able to overcome the monumental negative karma created in mass media between Heaven and Earth. In this pop culture incarnation, he was able to include the rites of the famous ancient Egyptian Isis Resurrection/Healing Magic once performed on Osiris after being murdered by jealous Set- but this time on the whole Planet body. Planetary Healing, is our key ascended focus since 2010.

Preproduction Insights

As part of EarthShow 777, it is important to tune into the various insights that are spiritually and physically connected to Planet Earth since Michael Jackson ascended. When he ascended, his twin flame aura also reconnected to the mass consciousness that has emerged since his Spring 2010 reunion of the physical and spiritual worlds. He is not in a limited, human form anymore, he now can expand his aura and energy to work on the whole planet, just like it is a natural skill for Archangel Michael.


Revelation 777 Michael Jackson was Osiris in Ancient Egypt