The Gathering

The Gathering is the Dream Diary Blueprint that is used to organize live events associated with EarthShow 777. The Gathering serves as the “Cultural Neverland” that inspires all EarthShow 777 contributors to use the gift of magical emancipation to heal the world with enchanted stories of the mind, soul and spirit.

The Gathering provides an artistic palate comprising light therapy, emotional texture and social narrative to re-engineer the mundane approach to public events from a perspective that is genuinely transformational.


Part 1: The Gathering 

Written by Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit

It was a nice, warm and sunny day, as everyone in Magic Town woke up to the sound of the blue birds. Magic Town was a place in another world, far away, located in endless lands of a Magical Forest. In Magic Town, many things were possible and the people had “magic labs” at each house. Everyone was into the sciences of magic, as the environment and life in the Magic Forest was filled with daily mysteries, riddles and miracles.

This time of the year, the people eagerly were awaiting the blossoming of the “Light-Trees”, especially the Blue ones. The Light-Aura-Trees were old, big trees with roots covered in moss, that would light up when the Magic Forest entered the “Celebration Season”. The more then the People of Magic Town would celebrate, have feasts dancing and singing in joy, the more bright the Light-Trees would shine in a romantic, glittery Aura sparkling with Magic. They would light naturally during this special season the nights, and nobody would have to walk in any dark road for weeks.

This was the Season and time of “The Gathering”, as the people in Magic Town would call it. The Gathering meant for the People a time of uniting, of spending quality time together and of reflection on learned lessons and goals. Prosperity, education, exploration and the desire for discovery was a part of Magic Town´s Culture.

Every season, the Magic Forest would give the people riddles to solves, and mysteries to uncover and understand.

It was the Blue Day, as all the 7 Days of a Week were named after the Colors of the Rainbow in Magic Town. The Blue Day was a very sacred day, where the seeking of deeper truths and reflections on the self were encouraged. In the middle of town was a special Building named “The Rose Quarz Temple” was all over made out of Rose Quarz Walls and Stairways, and everyone could go there and gather for the Blue Day.

The Rose Quarz Temple © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

The Quarz Walls enabled the Temple to “breathe in light” and during the day, the Temple was always luminous for the People gathering inside the Halls. The Main Hall had a big round Ring in the middle, where lit Rose Quarzes were placed to open the energetic Vortexes of the Magic Forest´s Heart.

The Rose Quarz Temple Gem Heart Magic Forest © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Rose Quartz Temple Gem Heart Magic Forest © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

The Heart of the Temple was a Rose Quarz Fountain, with an open area to the front view from the Wall into the woods. Here, we take a seat on the sides in a Circle and meditate together. The celebrations would take place during the the evenings, and group meditations during the day time and early mornings. When the sunshine would hit the Rose Quarz Fountain Heart, it would appear as if it glitters with magical Energies, like a lamp that is lit by the sun rays.


The Rose Quarz Temple Heart in Sun Ray Light- Special Energy Meditation Story © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Play the Music, after relaxing your body muscles and neck, shoulders and back, and sit comfortable on the ground or on a chair as described above now. Visualize your day starting in Magic Town; how you wake up, hearing the Blue Birds singing outside the window. The sun rays shining through the curtains introducing the Day.

Everyone is working on researching magical secrets of this World, and the groups that regularly go into the Magic Forest to discover new places and secrets are preparing their bags and tools discussing excited with a loud voice their plans for the day. You walk through this peaceful community, greeting neighbors and friends. All the MJ Soul Family, has a special Place in Magic Town and each one of you owns an individual, own House there. From there you keep walking, breathing deeply and relaxing your Mind and Heart, as you walk toward the Rose Quarz Temple.

Arriving at the Gate, you pass by two big Angel sculptures guarding the Doors. Inside, calm and soothing Music is playing as if it gliding softly on the Rose Quarz walls creating a slight sound vibration. Everyone is relaxed and calm inside the Rose Temple, and you see others stretching themselves and preparing to go “sit at the heart” for meditation and deep reflections. The People of Magic Town know, that the Mind is valuable when it comes to the secrets of Magic and that it is indeed a tool for their discoveries in the Magic Forest lands.

Walk now up to the beautiful, and sparkling Fountain in the middle Main Hall. You can hear the water bubbles noise coming from where the Fountain is. You enter the Main Hall, and find seats left and right in a circle formation around the Fountain where you can sit down. The seating is made of comfortable rose cushioned niches, built into gem stone foundations holding up the niches.

The niches look like rose colored bird niches, and are cushioned inside with soft rose and pink feathers.

Rose Feathers Seating Niches Rose Quarz Temple (Virtual Meditation) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Rose Feathers Seating Niches Rose Quarz Temple (Virtual Meditation) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Relax in your personal Meditation niche now. Breathe deeply and conscious of your breathing, in and out. Repeat the conscious breathing a few times. Begin to feel the smell of incense slightly in the air. As you are sitting in your rose feathered Niche, you begin to connect to the Fountain Heart. The water in it, transmits “cleansing vibes” into your Heart Center.

Visualize how the Water energy flows through your Body, balancing and cleansing all your Aura from head to toe, inside and outside.

Reflect on your emotions, as the water is very symbolic of feelings. You may here also do a regular “Twin Flame Water Meditation”, with the Heart Water Fountain. For this, just focus on your Twin Soul Strings that connect your Chakras and Heart to your Twin Flame Heart, and visualize washing the Strings/Chords. This is really good for cleansing Karma and fears, old habits and negative energies so they get cleansed off the Twin Flame Mirror and cannot keep transmitting back and forth like a ping pong ball.

When anyone has troubles at home in Magic Town, with loved Ones, everyone goes to the Heart Water Fountain in the Rose Quarz Temple to cleanse the situation´s surrounding energies. It always helps to soothe the environment and supports forgiveness and healing for relationships.

Now, sit still and relaxed and begin “breathing in the magical lights” that come with the water up from the Heart Fountain, sparkling. Feel the warmth of the lights connect to your whole Body and Mind, your most inner core in your Soul, right at the Heart Chakra. Enjoy the warm lights, as you feel them embracing you energetically in your Rose Bird-like Niche.

Let it rise up and fill your mind, your head area. Visualize the light becoming brighter, and brighter, and as the light becomes brighter, it mirrors into your Soul “bringing light into all shadow parts” so that all your Being becomes PURE LIGHT.

After taking your time and enjoying this beautiful Gathering today, in our Virtual Rose Quarz Temple, you may want to prepare yourself for the evening Gathering where many will bring their best home-made food. Remember, we have to always dance and spread joy, be happy as much as we can, so the Light-Trees light their Auras brighter and “keep our World lit during the Night”.

After each Deep-Meditation, note down important thoughts, new ideas, realizations and self-reflections to keep a “Mind Evolution” Journey you can read back in anytime. Also write down important realizations and decisions that might come up, for self-improvement. Follow through by placing keywords or main thoughts summarized in simple terms, on your walls at home or your bedroom side, or your bath, or where you work depending on the thoughts and visions. This will help you to remember the affirmations and keep the calm, magical energy flow going during daily routine. Whenever you feel stressed out, or pressured, take a break anytime and anywhere and “tune back into the Rose Quarz Temple”, it will help you in challenging or pressuring circumstances keep a calm mind and heart, and focused Soul.