EarthShow 777 is a dedicated showcase of signature music by Michael Jackson in homage to his unparalleled vision for planetary consciousness.

The production is a spontaneous activity that emerged in the shadow of the annual Earth Hour as local activists in Bermuda, Los Angeles, Montreal and Switzerland used social media to pursue a grassroots strategy that broadens the reach of their respective permaculture projects.

The music of Michael Jackson provided a common bond that deepened their Earth Hour aspirations and evolved into a self-propelled event that is “more or less” than 60 minutes of entertainment magic by the King of Pop.

EarthShow 777 uses storytelling, live events, film, radio, television and the internet to focus on the planetary messages that are embedded in Michael Jackson’s timeless mission to heal the world.

The inaugural invocation is being launched in 2015 to highlight the 20th anniversary of Michael’s epic Earth Song from 1995.

The Bermuda Factor

Bermuda is the exceptional location selected by the Commandress Susan Elsa of the Pop Kingdom, in her capacity as the Innocent Protector of Michael Jackson in Spirit, to build a culture of peace in support of EarthShow777.

The islands have played a disproportionately significant role in the perpetuation of the magical consciousness of Atlantis by way of their proximity to the Bermuda Triangle. They also serve as a distinguished beacon of trans-Atlantic navigation and security.

These are the islands that were the first successful foothold of the British Empire in the Western hemisphere. They were transformed into the Gibraltar of the Atlantic for the British Admiralty after the American Revolution and were even used as a staging ground for the Battle of 1812, when British forces from Bermuda almost captured the White House. During the First and Second World Wars, Bermuda was used as a bastion of US naval logistics and subsequently as a Cold War listening post for transatlantic communications.

In the 21st century, military tactics have changed dramatically. We no longer face the threat of conventional warfare. Instead, we are haunted by the emergence of a culture of terrorism that glorifies the psychology of war for unjust political, social and economic advantage. As a strategic beneficiary of the imperial era of transatlantic war, Bermuda has the unique obligation to discern a path of peace, reconciliation and forgiveness that mitigates the post-colonial temptations of violence for its own sake.

This pathway to nonviolence emerged organically in Bermuda as part of a grassroots initiative called the United Cultural Committee to build a “unity in the community, world vibe”. Inspired by the rhetoric and the music of the civil rights movement, the committee has fostered a universal temperament that advocates ‘fighting with peace and not for it”.

We now celebrate EARTH SHOW 777 in honor of Michael Jackson’s Earth Song and seek to create a social partnership based on the following terms.

The EarthShow777 Scenario

  • The Summoning of Archangel Michael
    Michael Jackson was more than a phenomenal entertainer, he was also a gifted student and, ultimately, the most acclaimed representative of Archangel Michael of modern times. Beyond his received title as the “King of Pop”, Michael was also the King of Magical Emancipation. At an early age, Michael was aware that his seven letter name was of angelic origins. Moreover, his birth order as the seventh child of Katherine and Joseph Jackson would shape his destiny as a universal artist bridging the creative forces of heaven and earth. Michael devoted his public life for better and for worse, through thick and thin, in sickness and in health -– and to the perfecting of this spiritual calling, and now his fans can continue the journey by learning from his example. The Summoning of Archangel Michael is a global campaign to be domiciled in Bermuda that will encourage the fans to continue to listen to the leading angel of our nature, and to remember the magical voice that Michael gave to the inner child in all of us.
  • The Bermuda Triangle – Mystery Garden Connection
    Bermuda is the apex “ben-ben” territory of a planetary phenomenon known as the Bermuda Triangle which is a cultural gateway between the natural and the mythological worlds. The area of the Bermuda Triangle reaches from the mid-Atlantic islands of Bermuda to Miami, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Bermuda Triangle is a parallel world that is also an organic manifestation of the same creativity that attracted Michael Jackson to the stories of the Twilight Zone, Neverland and Ancient Egypt. The Mystery Garden Connection is a continuation of Michael’s journey through new media of film, animation and games. These tools will be shared through GBI with the global community to ensure that Michael’s legacy of planetary compassion is available for future generations.
  • Incubation Management
    Bermuda is the designated incubation accelerator of the GBI Mastermind Thinkubator Group. In honor of the EARTH SHOW 777 inauguration, Bermuda will be mobilized to demonstrate the global incubation capacity of the POP KINGDOM Brand and to optimize it’s external impact in parallel markets including real estate, education, captive insurance and tourism. The POP KINGGDOM Brand will be marketed from Bermuda to the offshore business community as part of a sustained commitment to the Bermuda Covenant for unity and peace.
  • The Apotheosis of Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson’s music, art and humanitarian work was uniquely designed to bridge heaven and earth. This legacy will be memorialized in Bermuda as a fabled island that most closely resembles his vision of Neverland Island. The Bermuda approach to Michael Jackson is designed to be an apotheosis of his status as the King of Pop and of his vision as the living archangel of planetary consciousness. The Apotheosis of Michael Jackson will be memorialized by a specially designed 3 sided obelisk frame that can be decorated with customized messages of local artists in support of the POP KINGDOM restoration.
  • We Come Into Array – Quantum Leap 2020 Spiritual Pop Revolution
    A goodwill campaign by the Innocent Protector of the Pop Kingdom, Susan Elsa, to raise awareness and money for Earth Show 777, the Apotheosis of Michael Jackson, and the Twin Eye Mystery School that will be spearheaded by a Mystery Garden Productions animation musical film, video game and twin soul appreciation curriculum.
  • The Third Emancipation – Arts Community Engagement
    A permanent strategy for peace based on the 3-day convergence of Michael Jackson’s birthday, Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech & British abolition of slavery. The Third Emancipation will serve as a permanent exhibition of art works inspired by the Apotheosis of Michael Jackson. This will include commemorating the legacy of peace shared by Michael Jackson with the spiritual artwork of John Lennon such as DREAM NO 9 from the Bermuda Lennon Album. During this 3 day Event, as part of the program of the birthday of Michael Jackson, other singers, dancers etc can pay tribute to him. Michael Jackson’s children will be encouraged to do whatever they can to be a part of the EarthShow 777 narrative
  • Luminosity 777
    A starlight incubator system established within the framework of a holistic solar studio named the Archeia Capella to develop spiritual awareness for the healing power of Mother Earth through the consumption of organic energy and creative visualization of the cosmic consciousness of the Kingdom of Heaven.