EarthShow 777 is a dedicated showcase of the signature music of Michael Jackson in homage to his unparalleled vision for planetary consciousness and environmental awareness.

EarthShow 777 also provides a social platform for the fans of Michael Jackson to bring their corresponding solutions to the global stage.

The production is a spontaneous activity that emerged in the shadow of the annual Earth Hour and in preparation for Earth Day 2015 as local activists in Bermuda, Los Angeles, Montreal and Switzerland used social media to pursue a grassroots strategy that broadens the reach of their respective permaculture projects.

The music of Michael Jackson provided a common bond that deepened their Earth Hour and Earth Day aspirations and evolved into a self-propelled movement that is governed by the entertainment magic of the King of Pop.

EarthShow 777 uses storytelling, live events, film, radio, television and the internet to focus on the planetary messages that are embedded in Michael Jackson’s timeless mission to heal the world.

The inaugural invocation is being launched in 2015 to highlight the 20th anniversary of Michael’s epic Earth Song from 1995.


EarthShow 777 is designed for participatory collaboration of its subscribers. The production notes that accompany its signature elements are based on detailed analysis of Michael Jackson’s legacy and artistic methods. These production notes provide the creative tools for subscribers to reinterpret Michael’s musical genius for their own aspirational ideas.

These production notes also ensure that all EarthShow 777 subscribers are equipped with the wisdom to understand the planetary significance of Archangel Michael and the role that the heavenly choirs play in the perpetual healing of Mother Earth.


March 27th 2015 Final Draft
(2:33 p.m. London Time Channeled)

I want every culture, every nation and country to join the Earth Show. The whole Planet.  Each country can submit their contribution, and present the best of their culture and creative mind and “Planet Community Message and Ideas” in the Earth Show.

Each country decides, united and internal, who and how they present their contribution and who is chosen to do so, in the Earth Show. That too, is a task within this Project, as the better a countries people work together in unity and in tune, the better the Show Results will be and the rest of the World left impressed and applauding.

This Project will be virtual and aired in digital Channels, such as Online Digital Channels and TV, wherever each country may see fit to air this program.

Each year everyone will have the same simple task and theme to present something on, such as Music, Theatre and Stories, Fashion or even Sciences and Innovations that contribute to the Improvement of Planet Earth and help make societies and the environment safer for Children, Women and Men of all ages and cultures.

There will be “Spiritual Judges” looking at the presented Art and the Soul Expressions and Evolution behind it, the effect on the Audience and the Healing Qualities. This is where this Show is different, as it is in tune with Mother Earth. The goal is to encourage magic and fantasy, joy and entertainment as a global interaction and exchange tool between cultures. A communication where everyone is encouraged to simply show their best side, and each culture and the diversity of humanity itself being valued and enjoyed.

By choice of all world citizens in tune, for each year’s Earth Show a special award will be given to the most “noble, moving, healing, transformational, touching” Planet Earth Performance. This will be the “ARCHANGEL MICHAEL AWARD OF NOBILITY”.

I want YOU to be one of the main Judges, in my Name, for authenticating why this Award is named the “Archangel Michael Nobility Award”. It will be so funny, think about it, you notice? I put that idea already into Remember the Time, my Video. That’s you, and you are going to give feedback. Including “energy examination of the spiritual artistic energies” each present. All this will be carrying the energy of the Archangel Michael Entertainment Revolution, which simply means, to heal the World through the peaceful tool of Artistic, Creative Expression.